What is Zenks!?

Zenks! is a life philosophy based on empowering and connecting all that is positive in the world with the aim of creating wealth and well being in our environment.

The principles of this philosophy can be found in the Zenks! manifesto.

If you want to live in a positive world, your passport is the Wealth Plan, the main tool which will enable all of us to turn our cities into Positive Cities.

So Zenks! is a concept which can be considered a universal word which embodies the positive part of people and our world. A word that can be used to give thanks to all the good things life offers us from day to day, all over the world.

Zenks: Positive, Positivo/a,Positif, etc.
Zenks!:Thanks!, Gracias!,Merci!, etc.

At Zenks! we believe it is possible to create a better world in which everybody, businesses and institutions present the best versions of themselves. A place where people are commited to helping others in exchange for gratitude; a place where citizens, companies, institutions and universities share knowledge and experience to generate ‘wealth’ in their environment. Wealth that is measured in emotional and intellectual and material values with the ultimate aim of happiness.

Zenks! and the butterfly effect

Zenks! is based on one concept of the chaos theory: the butterfly effect.

“The mere flapping of a butterfly’s wings can change the world”.

From our viewpoint, the theory would be: ‘Given the current, chaotic state of our world, a small, positive gesture from each and every one of us, together with the right ways to spread and get this act to catch on, could generate positive transformation throughout the world.

For Zenks!, this small act is the thanks given through your Social Wealth Plan, the ways to spread and get the act to catch on, Zenks! clubs in each city; the great transformation, the connection of ‘Positive Cities’ throughout the world

We are the result of our constituent parts and together we can change the world.

What is a Wealth Plan?

A personal plan, a logbook that registers those acts that a private individual or organisation promises to do for others throughout the year to create wealth and well being in their environment and their city.

The Wealth Plan is personal, unique and authentic.

  1. It makes you dream.
  2. It provides satisfaction.
  3. It helps you to understand yourself better..
  4. It creates happiness.

To have a Zenks! Plan is an act of social intelligence as you create value in your surroundings while improving yourself as a person and becoming happier.

What is the Zenks! Club?

It is an organisation that creates, manages and connects wealth plans of citizens, companies and institutions in a specific territory where various positive cities and locations are signed up.

Our challenge is to create a Zenks! Club in all the regions and states of the world and connect them. In that way, we can share knowledge and positive experiences that will help us build a more humane, healthier, fairer and more positive society.

What is a Positive City?

A big and exciting social wealth project, local in nature but with a global projection, seeking the commitment of positive-thinking people, companies and institutions to create wealth and well being in the environment.

The Positive City project also forms part of the ‘Social Smart City’ concept, a citizens’ movement seeking the cooperation of people and organsations to promote a culture of positive, efficient and intelligent collaboration.

What is the value contribution of Zenks! to the Cities?

  1. It’s an engine of social and personal change.
  2. It promotes a culture of positivity and commitment in our society both in organisations and members of the public.
  3. It’s a nexus to citizens, companies, universities and positive institutions.
  4. It promotes the innovation and undertaking of sustainable, healthy and wholesome projects.
  5. It’s a local and global wealth generatos.
  6. It’s a project aimed at integrating and connecting all that is positive in world populations.

How do we create a Positive City?

By connecting wealth plans of people, companies and institutions.

Positive City* = Σ Wealth Plans

(*) A city is considered positive when 1% of its citizens have Wealth Plans. The level of positivity of any city is measured by the percentage of the population (organisations and individuals) that have Wealth Plans.

Types of Wealth Plans

  1. Zenks! Plan for Individuals:
    (citizens, families, groups, etc.)
  2. Zenks! Plan for Companies:
    (big companies, SMEs and retailers)
  3. Zenks! Plan for Institutions:
    (associations, colleges, councils, universities, foundations, guilds, clubs, etc.)

The plans go beyond mere legal responsibility. They reflect a society’s commitment and willingness to promote a positive culture and to create wealth in the city.

Types of wealth

All citizens, companies and institutions, from their rational and emotional perspectives, are able to receive and contribute 4 types of wealth to society.

Zenks! will provide thousands of opportunities and experiences to people and organisations so as to give and/or receive wealth through these 4 typologies.

What's in a Wealth Plan?

  1. Your ABILITIES to generate wealth.

    • Your talents and abilities at personal, professional and social level.
    • Your likes, hobbies, experiences, knowledge etc.
    • Social, personal and professional environment.
    • Your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, beliefs.
    Your abilities are opportunities to connect with and help others.
  2. Your COMMITMENTS to society.

    • Social contributions you're already making in your environment.
    • New things you'd like to see and do throughout the year.
    Your engagement helps society create wealth.
  3. Your personal INTERESTS

    • Your curiosity to find out about people, businesses, projects, experiences, events or activities.
    • Your willingness to live experiences at an emotional, spiritual or intellectual level.
    Your interests are great opportunities to connect to the world.
  4. Your primary NEEDS.

    • Resources and back up for personal, social or professional projects.
    • Opportunities that make you feel better at an emotional, intellectual or spiritual level.
    Your needs are opportunities for others to help you.

Who is going to help me formulate my Wealth Plan?

Club Zenks! Planners are citizens with a renowned social and professional reputation. They are certified and authorised by Zenks! to present, market and manage Zenks! personal, business and institutional plans.


  • Help in the creation and execution of Zenks! client plans.
  • They are the nexus between people, projects and opportunities.
  • Help to cover the personal interests of their clients.
  • Help to cover the urgent needs of their clients.


  • Positive outlook, assertive and empathic.
  • Good listeners and dynamic in conversation.
  • High level of emotional intelligence.
  • Order and discipline.
  • Strategic thinkers and creative.

Who are the Wealth Plans for?

  1. Private individuals: anyone, from a child of 8 to wisemen over 100. You only need to be able to dream and commit to getting your Wealth Plan; age is no barrier.
  2. Legal entities: any legal entity that wishes to promote a culture of positivity in society and who may wish to go through with their Wealth Plan together with some of their workers and collaborators.

The Wealth Plan is aimed at any type of organisation, large or small:

  • Companies, from small retailers to large corporations with thousands of employees.
  • Institutions, from small village councils to large regional and municipal governments.
  • Organisations, from small professional associations to large multinationals.
  • Training and cultural centres, from small, local schools to the most grandiloquent of universities.

Zenks! is for everyone and for the whole world.

What benefits do the Zenks! Plans bring to private individuals and organizations?

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS: children from 8 years and upwards to sagacious centenarians.

  • They provide satisfaction.
  • They put you in touch with wonderful people.
  • They make you feel useful and valued.
  • They help you to network more effectively and will empower your innerself.
  • They will help you to find personal and social wealth.
  • They help you believe in people again.
  • They measure wealth created by you and those close to you.
  • They generate wealth and personal well being.
  • They make you happy.

ORGANIZATIONS: businesses, associations, colleges, universities, institutions, NGOs, etc.

  • Participate in an exciting, unifying and authentic project.
  • Get different groups involved from the company and from society.
  • Help to create wealth and well being in your city.
  • Improve the culture and image of your company.
  • Monitor the values and talent of your employees and collaborators.
  • Measure the wealth generated through the company’s contribution.
  • Measure the media impact the Plan has had on the company.

How can I participate in a Positive City?

Sign up to the Zenks! challenge anywhere and draw up your Wealth Plan.

Register, click on the section ‘Join the Z! challenge’ and we’ll get in contact with you to arrange an interview to see how positive and commited you are.

How much does a Wealth Plan cost?

That depends if you are a private individual or an organisation and also on your personal circumstances. Register, click on the section ‘Join the Z! challenge’ and contact us and we’ll let you know all our services, terms and conditions, with no obligation on your part whatsoever.

What happens when I get my Wealth Plan done?

Zenks! will match your abilities and commitment with the interests and needs of others and viceversa. In this way, we’ll go from ‘talking’ to ‘doing’. Because, in order to create a better world, it’s not enough to just wish for one; the main thing is to build one. We have already started laying down the foundations.

Are you a ‘talker’ or a ‘doer’?

Zenks! for having read to here.